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Welcome to the wiki! I hope this holds your attention for a minute, this is a project I am doing for an independent studies class in school, the topic being the history of Video Games. I plan to wok on the project from 1960 - 2018. If you find this Wiki, please stay and learn about the history of one of the most important parts of our culture! I hope you enjoy the wiki.

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The first generation of consoles was a very interesting time of video game development. We didn't have Nintendo, Square Enix, and we didn't even have Fortnite. but many classics were created during this time such as Pong, Adventure, along with many others. Through this wiki you will find that the companies that are popular now are the ones that weren't even there in the first 3 generations of video games. Nintendo, Sony, Sega, and Microsoft wouldn't begin making games until 1980, 20 years after the first console and 30 years after the first video games.

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1200px-Atari Official 2012 Logo.svg

The logo of one of the first, and arguably greatest video game companies of all time, Atari

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